Lyrical Media empowers storytellers and world builders

Lyrical alchemizes unique stories across media

Lyrical partners with singular creative minds and brings their visions to life.

Committed to the future of media and distribution, Lyrical builds expansive new worlds across formats.

Lyrical supports storytellers through development, production, and financing.


We partner with creative talent and promising new voices.

We build and acquire IP that can flourish across mediums and platforms.


We leverage our production capabilities and partnerships in service of storytellers.

We collaborate with leading producers and studios.


We finance projects across film, television, video games, podcasts and more.

We bring flexibility to every creator’s project.


We forge partnerships with companies committed to the future of IP generation, storytelling and distribution.

Lyrical Media has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Contact us:

NY: (212) 966-2000
LA: (424) 231-7450

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